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In today's competitive job market, a temporary position can be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door for consideration of a permanent full-time position. The following are tips to help turn that position into something long term.

Go Above and Beyond - You must prove to your supervisor, the hiring manager, and even your coworkers that you are an asset to the team. Build relationships, volunteer for extra work when you can, and make sure you are doing the best job possible. Basically, make yourself indispensable.

Showcase Your Talents - Are you an Excel wizard or great at leading group brainstorm sessions? Make sure your talents are on display. Even if your skills don't directly relate to the job you're currently performing, showing a wide variety of skills can help potential employers think about your long-term worth.

Have a Great Attitude - We've all been there - someone on the team does amazing work, but their attitude stinks. It brings everyone else down. So stay positive. Make yourself an example of how a great attitude and a pro-active approach can positively affect an entire team.

Become Part of the Company Culture - Every office has a unique culture, and being able to fit in is often a big part of a company's decisionto hire one candidate over another. If everyone gathers around the conference table for lunch every day, or gets together for coffee once a week, do your best to join in. Show them that you are eager to make yourself a member of the team.

Have a Great Resume - This should be obvious, but it must be said. While you're working that temporary position, keep your resume updated and on hand. If the hiring manager takes an interest, you want to make sure you're ready to provide your credentials.

Many employers often find it time and cost effective to utilize a temporary agency in their search to fill permanent positions. They can see first-hand the potential candidates' work ethics, skill sets, personality, attitude, etc. prior to making a long-term hiring decision. This might be a good option to consider.

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