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Over years of writing resumes I have seen a number of mistakes, the following are at the top of the list:

Grammar and Punctuation Errors - Too many people rely on spellcheck to detect spelling and punctuation errors. Although a great tool, spellcheckers are not as capable as a thorough human eye. For example, "there," "their," and "they're" are all spelled correctly, however, if you use the incorrect version for your particular sentence, spellcheck will not catch this and your resume is left with an error that leaves the potential employer questioning your ability to pay attention to details. Also, make sure to pay attention to apostrophes and ensure that they are in the correct place (and that one is actually needed). Finally, spellcheckers often recommend solutions that are not required. While running a spellcheck is a great start, it is not totally reliable.

Lack of Resume Keywords - This is so important and I cannot stress to you the importance of using keywords. If the key words are not present, your resume will get tossed out of the process. Make sure that your documented skills match the skill-sets required by the employer so you do not lose out on job opportunities.

Not a Job Description - Don't make the mistake of writing a job-description-type resume. You should showcase your accomplishments as this gives the potential employer a better understanding of what you can do for their organization. They want to know that you have the talents that no other candidate can bring to the table.

Keep it Simple - I know you might want to show off your design skills on your resume, but please keep things clean and simple. I have witnessed resumes with so many distracting designs that I had a hard time reading through the resume. If the position calls for someone with creative skills, I'm sure they will give you the opportunity to show your flare, but the resume is not that stage. As Walt Whitman said, "Simplicity is the glory of expression."

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